30 Day book challenge: A book that makes you happy.

So as most of you know I spent 5 weeks in Zambia this summer introducing refugees and local Zambians to books and the wonder of reading.

I look back at it with very happy and fond memories. There is one book  that sticks out at being a real crowd pleaser and generated many memorable moments:

Giraffes can’t dance by Giles Andreae.

A simple story about a giraffe called Gerald who can not dance the tango or the Foxtrot and every year at the Jungle bop he is shooed off the dance floor embarrassed and alone. Until a cricket suggests that he ‘just needs a different song!’ So with the sound of the moving trees Gerald begins to sway and brings out his gold winning moves and wows his doubters.

Proving that everyone can dance their own special dance, Giraffes can’t dance produced  some amazing African dancing from the children, both young and old and even some moves from a few of the adults and me falling behind trying to copy! and me falling behind trying to copy!

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