Review: Frankenstein by Mary Shelly


Whilst in my last year at school we were made to read Frankenstein by Mary Shelly. I am a massive gothic literature lover: Dracula, The Monk, Melmouth the Wanderer, Turn of the Screw, American Physco….and Frankenstien holds its ground amongst these massive titles.

It is a story of a ‘monster’ coming to terms with his identity and of a society not ready for difference.

I love this book. I find it completely saddening. The innocent and intellectual monster  is cast aside by his creator. Yet he longs to be part of the human community but his monstrous appearance keeps him an outcast. It his grotesque looks that keeps the public blind to his gentle and kind nature. He saves a girl from drowning and helps a group of peasants but is only rewarded with beatings and abusive words.  Living on the outside, lonely and tormented, pushes the monster to seek revenge on his creator by killing those closest to him.

I feel in love with the monster and felt great sadness at his eloquent and insightful speeches and even supported him as he tried to bring down his creator.

In class it forced us into debates about science, morality, nature, modernity and responsibility splitting our ideas and allegiances.

I could not recommend it more.


One thought on “Review: Frankenstein by Mary Shelly

  1. Frankenstein is a great book, and good to study too. I hope I get a chance to teach this fully soon, I have taught bits of it and the students do seem to love it.
    The only thing I find with it is ever since I read Spike Milligan’s rewrite of it, I imagine the story the way he wrote it (which was really silly)…

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