I think there is no world without theatre.

Edward Bond

For as long as I can remember I have always been absolutely obsessed with the theatre. I studied drama at school and then moved on to read Drama and Film at University. My school did not have the best facilities for drama so it forced us to be inventive and to come up with new and exciting ideas and staging.

When on stage I feel safe and creative. I adore people so the idea of getting to explore the minds and bodies of different characters has always been something that really inspires me.

So when I travelled along the East Coast of America two Easters ago the first thing that I put on my to do list was number 9 on my bucket list….See a musical on Broadway.

I am lucky enough to live so close to London that I can frequently attend (although I definitely need to start seeing more) some really exciting shows. I believe that London theatre has some of the best theatre in the world but I have always loved the magic that surrounds Broadway.

So once I knew the dates (6 nights) that I was going to spend in NYC I immediately looked at what was on and to my absolute delight JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR was on! I have been mega obsessed with this soundtrack from a really young age as I can remember singing along to it with my mum in the car. So I booked the best tickets that I could afford and to Broadway I went. It had all the ingredients of an amazing show…a great cast, a great location and it hid behind nothing. No fancy effects. No acts of trickery. I feel in love.

I then decided that I wanted to see another show and saw that Evita was on! I turned up to the box office on my last night and was lucky enough to get a returned ticket. The show had Ricky Martin in and a woman who I hear is normally amazing but definitely wasnt well during the performance I watched as she didn’t match my expectations. Mr Martin was surprisingly fantastic.

Two great nights at the theatre. Some incredible songs. One happy Sophie


I ran to the stage door after Evita and managed to get every main cast member to sign my playbill! AMAZING


Me and the amazingly talented Jeremy Kushnier who played Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar. Was absolutely blown away by his voice. Such a talent.


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