Dublin find: Crackbird

I have just got back from a lovely little trip to Dublin for New Years Eve with the boy, my friend from school and his lovely lovely girlfriend. We had the perfect time. Drinking guinness. Eating such good food. Having fun. And catching up.

On New Years Day the boy and I were in much need for some good hangover food. We wandered through the beautiful cobbled streets of Dublin and came across this little gem of a restaurant:

If you are a vegetarian please stop reading now!

This is part of a group of restaurants that include Jo-Burger (in my Where Chef’s Eat book) Skinflint and Bear.

I had heard that queues at this place were out the door but we turned up at 2pm for a late lunch so I think the queues are only a problem in the evening. Saying that there were always other people in their with us and the atmosphere was really lovely. You can not make reservations.

They are famed for their chicken. The menu is genius in its simplicity; choose from either buttermilk fried of soy garlic chicken, half a bucket (4pieces) or a full bucket (8 pieces).  The boy had a Kicker sandwich. I instead went for what the restaurant is famed for. The fried Chicken. To be exact the soy garlic fried chicken. It was a taste sensation. The skin was crispy, salty and fell off in your mouth. The chicken underneath was so juicy and tender. We didnt bother to order any fried instead opting for a plate of meet.

The inside of the reastuarnt is really cool. A type of cool that looks like they haven’t tried to hard. The type of cool that hides thier months of planning and interior designing. The type of cool that men covered in tattos and wearing beanie hats ooze. A single exposed bulb hanging above each table. A trail of candles leading up the stairs to the ‘hipster’ bathrooms. Easy listening Trance music playing. My homemade Lemonade served in a kitchy mason jar. Birds localy sourced.


This London would do so well in London!

Come on London crack my bird!


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