Autumn reading list…done

I am beyond delighted that last night I finished my Autumn reading list. It really got me back into the rhythm of reading. I basically just selected 10 books that I had on my bookshelf and read them! I work best when given a challenge so this was fantastic! Some were on the 1000 book challenge. Some were not. Most were non-fiction…something that I really am starting to find myself read more and more lately.

These were the books:

What I am trying to read by the 31.12.13

  1. Wild – Cheryl Strayed(19.12.13)
  2. The Happiness Project- Gretchen Rubin (24.11.13)
  3. The Receptionist- Janet Groth(03.01.14)
  4. Lean In- Sheryl Sandberg (09.01.14)
  5. Man’s Search For Meaning: The classic tribute to hope from the Holocaust – Viktor E Frankel
  6. Grace: a memoir-  Grace Coddington (15.01.14)
  7. Shantaram-  Gregory David Roberts (31.10.13)
  8. Murder on the Orient Express- Agatha Christie (20.12.13)
  9. If You Have to Cry, Go Outside: And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You- Kelly Cutrone (21.12.13)
  10. Gone girl – Gillian Flyn (10.11.12)

It took me a bit longer than I would have liked to get through them all…but hell I can’t beat myself up about that.

My top 3 that I would recommend to you all:

1. Shantaram- Gregory David Roberts. A brutal, heart breaking beats of a book. One of the best things that I have ever read.

2. Grace a memoir Grace Coddington. Fabulous fashion, fabulous hair, a fabulous life.

3. Wild- Cheryl Strayed. I got lost in her adventure and inspired to start some of my own.

Up next…the winter edition!


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