Home time!

Today is a good day. I am officially leaving school to go back to my parents for Easter. Us teachers get deliciously long and well deserved holidays. I had a couple of meetings in the first few days of the holiday so I haven’t been able to escape. But escape I do today. I’m going to spend the next three weeks reading, catching up with the family, walking in what I hope will still be glorious sunshine, watching films, cooking good food and causing trouble with friends. Basically everything that I don’t get to do during term time. I’m excited for weekends. I’m excited for a decent nights sleep. I want to go dancing. I want to live a normal lifestyle if only for a short amount of time

I thought that I would share with you some of my favourite family pics.

1. Daddy and Sophie

20140402-104307 am.jpg

This is without a doubt my favourite family photo.

2. Dress up!

20140402-104444 am.jpg

This is me with one of my best friends/ oldest family friend/ cousin 3 times removed. We went to the same nursery together and we had a dress up day there. I am the panda on the right and Dayna is the clown on the left. I was an only child until I was 11 so Dayna and her sister Wallis and our other family friend Maddi became my sisters and we are still extremely close. We would spend summer holidays together and chase Italian boys. Every little girl (and grown up girl) needs friends like these three.

Here is another snap of us together dressed up as flower fairies. My gorgeous mother made the costumes. What a talent! I am on the left and Dayna is on the right.

20140402-113645 am.jpg

3. Grandad time.

20140402-105039 am.jpg

In this picture my Grandad Tom had just got back from Australia and brought me back a koala bear rucksack. I thought it was the coolest thing in the whole wide world and wore it constantly. He is a great great man.

4. Visiting the dog on the farm.

20140402-105348 am.jpg

We used to have a dog called Dylan who grew in to the size of a lion and was far too big for our cottage. So sadly we had to give him to my grandmothers cousin who owned a farm. He loved it here. He got to run around all of the fields, met a girl named Jess and had puppies. We used to visit him often. This is a picture of me and my Grandad John taking a ride in the tractor’s trailer.

5. Sisters.

20140402-110436 am.jpg

When I was 11 my parents told me that I was going to be a big sister for the first time. I thought that this was gross. Then I got excited. We were going to have a baby!! She was born one day after her due date and I got to miss school to go meet her. It was actually school exam week so I missed my German and DT exam and I didn’t have to sit them at a different time. BEST DAY EVER!! I did have to read in chapel that morning and my dad wouldn’t let me miss that so I am in my old school uniform. I took one look at her and thought she was the best thing ever. She is now 13 going on 21.

6. Double trouble.

20140402-110906 am.jpg

After Evie was born my mum announced that we were going to have another baby! I informed her that we would need a bigger car. Camille came along and I once again instantly fell in love with her and she became Evie’s best friend. I am 15 years and 51 weeks older than her and I really got to help look after her. She is now 10 and is a darling. Long may it continue.

7. Mummy bear.

20140402-111207 am.jpg

My best friend is my mum. Some of my friends think that is weird. But she really is. We ring each other everyday. If ever I have a question or a decision to make I go to her first. This is us together when I was a babe! My great grandmother and her partner had popped around with a new outfit for me to wear and they wanted to take photos of me in it. This is my gorgeous mum dressing me for the shoot. Nice perm mama bear! I was a real 80s baby.

My family are the loves of my life. I owe them all an awful lot!


3 thoughts on “Home time!

  1. So sweet! Such nice family memories. I was 11 when my little brother was born, but I was 9 when my first little brother was born so by that time I was over it. The missing school part was nice, though!

  2. I love old family pictures! Thanks for sharing. I think you inspired me to share some of mine on my blog too, especially on Throwback Thursday tomorrow 🙂 And two cheers for working in Education. I love the long holidays too, but I’m staff not faculty, so I dont get quite so much time off, but it’s still more than a corporate job. 🙂

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