Day 2: Feeling grateful.


20140425-101458 pm.jpg

Today I am grateful for:

It being my day off.
Sleeping into 10am and only waking up twice in the night.
My gorgeous friend Katy and the way in which she makes me laugh so hard that my belly aches. The way she understands me.
A beautifully rainy day in which I can shut myself up inside and hide from the outside.
Cinema. The way in which a great movie can let you escape and make you giggle like a maniac.
Pamper nights. Face mask, lush bath bombs, moisturiser, oils, candles, and grapefruit shower gel.
Texts that make me smile.
Clean bed sheets and Pjs.
A great book.
My beautiful family.

Most of all
The fact that I live a life in which I am able to enjoy these things.
The fact that I have food, clean water, heating, a coat, entertainment and people who love me.

I will continue to try to make our world a fairer place.

I believe that equality and human rights for all the people of this beautiful but scary world will one day triumph.

I hope that I am around for it.

Read Day 2 on my second blog. It’s a little blog that’s trying to change the world.


One thought on “Day 2: Feeling grateful.

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