Day 6: Living at work.

Today not much has really happened so far but I suppose that it is only 10.33am.

I was thinking the other day that I have never had to commute. I lived at my school with my parents who worked there, then I became a boarder at boarding school. Next up was university and Then I came straight to this school where I have worked and lived for nearly 4 years now.

I have never had to catch a train, get in a car or take a bus to get to work, or school, or uni.

That’s pretty weird.

Sometimes I think I would really like it. Mainly at the end of the school day. It think it would feel like escaping. Leaving one life and entering another where there is just you. I think I would like that.

Sometimes like this morning and hearing about all the terrible tube strikes I think that I would hate it. It would mean getting up a lot earlier. I currently roll out of bed at 7.20 to be down in school at 7.45. If I had to commuter….ergh the wake up time is too unbearable to even think about but I suppose that I would get used to it.

To be perfectly honesty I don’t know which one I would prefer.

Maybe one day I’ll have to move away to find out.

20140429-104411 am.jpg


One thought on “Day 6: Living at work.

  1. I don’t really commute either as I am lucky to live a three or four minute drive away and there isn’t any traffic. I don’t think I would like to do it though and have in the past turned down the opportunity of promotion because I didn’t want to sit in rush hour traffic in Newcastle city centre!

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