Day 8-14: Excuses

O crap! I fell behind on the old blogging challenge.

I could sit here and come up with a million excuses for you all but I’m not even a little bit sorry.

I don’t need an excuse because this funny enough is my blog.

I simply took a pause and left the blogging world for a week to catch up on real life.


I lead what can sometimes be a crazy busy life as a teacher and when the opportunity comes to sit down and have a bit of time of I am going to embrace it with open arms. I am going to treat it like a best friend. I am going to spend as much time with it as I can. I am going to thank it. I am going to love it.

So what did I get up to?

Friday 2nd: I spent a day looking after my mind and body and eventually got around to using a gift given by a student and visited the Sanctuary Spa in Covent Garden. I am devastated! Devastated that I only realised this little piece of treasure existed just as it is shutting due to its lease running out!

I just had the most marvelous time. I read 200 pages of my book. I ate soup. I drank smoothies. I had a massage and a facial. I went to a sleep/meditation retreat. I soaked in jacuzzis and steamed myself in Hamaman saunas. It was indulgent and just what I needed. It woke me up. It renewed my energy and put the bounce back into my step!

I then finished off this delight of a day by going to Bricole with The Boy. It was my first time eating here and we both really loved it. You first enter through their deli/shop and I have made a note in my diary to go revisit just the shop in the next few weeks. There was such a great selection of Italian goods.

We both went for the Bruschetta Al Pomodoro Fresco Di Pachino E Basilico…Focaacia Brushcetta with fresh Sicilian Cherry Tomatoes and Basil.

I am just obsessed with Brushcetta. The tomatoes were fresh and deliciously salted.

I went on to have the Petto Di Pollo…Chicken Supreme with Patate Arrosto Aglio E Rosmarino…Roast potatoes with garlic and rosemary. Fresh, delicious and simply cooked. What more could I ask for!

The boy went for Polpette Alla Pizzaiola…Beef meat balls in tomato sauce and the same potatoes.

To finish I just had to have the Creme Brulee….not strictly Italian I know but it had white chocolate in it and was delicious. The Boy (in all is oddity) went for Crocchette Di Pesce E Patate…Cod and potato croquettes. For desert! The weirdo.

Sorry there are no photos. I literally packed up my entire life to go to the spa and although my little camera is small I couldn’t bear to put anything else in my bag. I am also not sorry that I didn’t take photos. It was bliss just putting the camera away and not even thinking about this little blog and having conversations that were not punctuated by the flash and click of technology.

We headed for a beer at a lovely little Swedish pub and headed home.

Saturday 3rd:  I cannot even begin to describe how lazy Saturday was. We headed out for eggs and bacon to make breakfast and then did not emerge again until Supper time. We napped and watched TV. We headed to Loch Fyne in Beaconsfield for Supper. I had been there years ago with my Grandparents and I was not disappointed.

I started with the Lobster Bisque. This was a new choice for me but was delicious and for main I went for Moule Frites…one of my ALL TIME favourites. To round it all off nicely I finished with the Apple Tarte Tatin. The Boy went for Chilli and Garlic King Prawns, Wild British Monkfish & Chorizo Risotto and Tempura Battered Squid…he just gets weirder!

Sunday 4th:

The Boy had to head back into London for the day to meet up with a school friend so I went and met my parents to look around their new school. They have recently just got a new job and I am so proud of them! They are just the best!
I took them to what will be their new local pub and they, along with, my two little sisters went for the Carvery. I still feeling full went for the Cajun Chicken and Mango salad. It was as good as it sounds.

I then met with The Boy and Cat and Lianne and we headed into town for a few drinks.

Monday 5th: I did nothing. I washed my hair. I slept. I recharged my batteries. It was much-needed.

So no I do not apologise for not blogging. Did I miss it? Of course I did. But absecne makes the heart grow fonder….




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