I will never be the type of girl who…

My beautiful friend Lizzi has given me a huge kick up the derrière.

She has taken up blogging.

It is a beautiful blog made up of just two posts so far. It is about a world that I have no experience of…a world of dirty nappies, milky breath and unconditional love.

If you do one thing with this post please check out Lizzi’s words…


Her new venture along with a few things that have been going on in my personal life recently have made me realise a few things about my blogging self…not all great things and some bloody fantastic things.

Here goes:

I will never be the type of girl who…

…sticks to blogging.

I will drop it when I am busy and uninspired.
I will run out of ideas.
I will always make my real life and not my virtual life a priority.

…uses big long words and grammar with ease.

I often read what other people have written and compare myself to them all day long.
They write with ease.
They write like they have swallowed a thesaurus and understand how to use it.
They actually understand grammar and don’t hit enter every other line instead of working out what :;,.’?'”-/ is needed.

…has millions of followers.

I am not scared of admitting that I want more people to read my content and my limited hits are a reason why I slam my laptop down in despair and swear that I am quitting blogging forever.
I am pretty 99.9% sure that I will not hit the dizzying heights that some people reach on these social media sites and blogging spheres but I am realising that blogging is bigger than how many disciples you have.

But for now I am back.

PS on the plus side I haven’t had to use spellcheck once on this post but I’m sure that I have missed something.


3 thoughts on “I will never be the type of girl who…

  1. Hey writing buddy!
    You are one of the people that has helped me finally get off my bum (ok, I am on my bum writing this, but writing standing up seems fairly tiresome) and just write something. I have tried to start a blog several times before, always stumbling on the name (but it has to be witty! Everyone else can come up with something quippy. I have never been able to pun – or tell jokes but that’s another post) and what to write about. This week I bit the bullet, used my own name as a title (see, punless!) and just wrote about what I was thinking that day.
    As far as I am concerned, blogging should be about what you believe, what you feel and what you want to write about which is exactly what you do. Who cares how many people read it or comment? It’s still written and out there. You go girl *finger clicks*

  2. My blogging delay was caused by 2 minor reasons – what to write about and what to call it. Ok, they are pretty major reasons but they seemed to be holding me up. Everyone has a quippy name for their blog, I can’t even tell jokes (ok, I know a handful but they are poor and I absolutely cannot pun. Way too fast for me)
    I just had a moment this week during some early morning feeding session (mmmm, babies are so obliging) and just used my own name (ultimate non-quippy option) and wrote about what was in my head during that feed (umm, having a baby).
    It should never matter how many people read what you write – at the end of the day, it’s still written and those words still exist. That is all that matters in my eyes. Same goes with the topics – my draft list could be best described as eclectic (anyone want to read about the trials of growing my hair?)
    Go you girl x x

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