And the award for the worst blogger in the world goes to….


20140724-124900 pm-46140834.jpg

I realise that the past few months have been a bit of a disaster for this blog of mine!

First there was the failed 30 day challenge of blogging everyday.

Then there was the promises of returning from the depths of Blogger Block Hell with fancy pictures of children dressed up as flamingos and stealing pictures from Pinterest and putting them together to form some pretty uninspiring shit!

I’ve sat here with great intentions and some pretty incredible blog post ideas for this creative space and I’ve sat here with my finger on the delete entire blog button but never fully summoning enough energy or commitment to do either.

Instead I have watched YT tutorials on what to do with a short cropped hairstyle ( I have hair that is nearly down to my waist) and watching some weird weird people analysing the best wrist actions on how to rid all flies from your bedroom so you can get to sleep.

I have blasted some pretty hardcore gangsta rap while prancing around my bedroom in my unicorn onesie.

I have contemplated dying my hair, booked hair appointments and then cancelled them too scared to actually do it.

I downloaded Kim Kardashian’s Hollywood game and actually become a A list celebrity…after paying £50 for enough energy tokens to do so.

I created all of my best teacher friends on Sims Freeplay for the iPad so it was like I was still spending everyday with them.

I watched the entire cycle 19 of Americas Next Top model in under three days.

I changed my nail colour 5 times a week.

I memorised all lyrics to every One Direction song ever made.

I could go on…

With the exception of a fantastic holiday in Spain with The Boy and super fun and super spendy shopping trips with Cat and the occasional binge drinking sessions with friends I have procrastinated July away.

I feel like my energy for life has been dulled.

I feel like all my creativity has disappeared.

My days are grey.

20140724-010834 pm-47314887.jpg

That was until today.

Today I woke up and felt different.

I have already written four new blog posts and have created what I consider to be an amazeballs blogging schedule for August.

I even deleted that Kardashian game and am 70% confident enough to now delete my virtual Sim friends!

Good times are eventually coming my friend.

Well let’s cross our fingers, toes and legs they are.

Peace and love,

Sophie x


3 thoughts on “And the award for the worst blogger in the world goes to….

  1. I hear you on this one. I get in funks and just can’t seem to write anything. The past month or two I’ve been super discouraged with my blog because my bounce rate is almost 90% and people don’t engage outside of the required engagement for FB share threads. I’ve become so discouraged by not being able to figure out what I’m doing wrong that I just don’t do anything at all. I sit down to write, but FB quizzes are much more entertaining, and then there are 5 seasons of 24 that I need to catch up on and I have to go outside to enjoy the sunshine (i live in Oregon where it rains 10 times a week) and the laundry needs to be done and a book needs to be read. I’m right there with you at finding other things to do than actually write. Hopefully, like you, inspiration will hit me again and I’ll be able to get something written.

    Thank you for sharing this post. It made me laugh. Good luck with your writing and I hope your new-found inspiration sticks around.

  2. I’m new to this blogging thing, been at it for a whole month and a half! My bounce rate is bad as well and I just feel like I am navigating without a compass. I’ve been uninspired this week but next week I will kick that blogs butt! Good luck!

  3. Writer’s block sucks. Add to that an overall feeling of lethargy, and you’re doomed. It sounds like you’re off to a good start for August, though. I hope you keep your mojo! Hahaha. Best wishes.

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