Owning that someday funk.

Pretty much a month ago exactly I made a pretty huge, colossal, gargantuan life style change.

I became *whispers* a vegetarian.

People ask me daily why I have done it.

Well that is an easy one to answer!

I truly believe that no human needs to cause pain to any living creature in order to survive. I believe that a person can live and be healthy without killing animals for food.

Why I only became a vegetarian a month ago is a little harder to answer.

You see I have always said that I would do it someday.

And then I thought to myself of all the times that I said that I would do something someday.

Someday i’ll dye my hair blonde.

Someday i’ll quit my job and live out of my suitcase as I travel the world.

Someday i’ll tick of everything that’s on my bluntsbucketlist.

Someday i’ll wear double denim and totally rock it.

Someday i’ll stop eating meat.

I realized that most of these I will have to leave to someday.

I don’t own two pieces of denim. I  had my hair cut 3 days before. But in that instant I could stop eating meat.

So I did it!

Lets face it: we are not getting any younger: I just turned 26 for the love of God.

I sit here now and think…

What was I waiting for? Some non-existent sign that now is the right time?

I realized that would never happen.

I had to take it into my hands.

I had to make my someday my today.

So a month ago I did and do you know what lads and lasses? I haven’t looked back since. I am having the most fun with food that I can ever remember having. I am trying new recipes and foods  everyday and I really can’t wait to share some of them with you as I get back into blogging.

I have never felt healthier. I have never felt so full and never have I felt so full of energy.

I am actually going to try and eat Vegan whenever I can. But as I work in a boarding school that decision is often taken out of my hands.

The world may not be quite ready for me to rock double denim but this it is ready for.

 My only wish is that I did it years ago.

Three times a day, I remind myself that I value life and do not want to cause pain to or kill other living beings. That is why I eat the way I do.

Natalie Portman


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