Back to work: Stationary haul!


I’m the type of gal who would spend months researching the best type of pencil case to have before the new school year started. I would force my poor mother to go into WHSmiths daily to see if their rubber collection had expanded. I was constantly on the hunt for the perfect pen- not too much of a cushiony grip and the scouring for just the right hue of blue!

Now that I am a teacher not much has changed.

Buying stationary excites me a lot and I’m not even a little bit embarrassed by it!

I love the feeling of sharpening a pencil for the first time, of creating a colourful handmade birthday card with your new felt tips and writing on the crisp white first page of a notebook.

I thought that I would do a quick haul post to share with you the new items that have joined my stationary family! I waited to do this a few weeks into the start of term so that I could give you honest reviews and recommendations.

This is the first post in my back to work series. I’m so excited to be back on a blogging schedule after the hectic summer holidays!

1. Bat notebook from Ikea. £3


Who the bloody hell knew Ikea has started to do stationary? WOW!

I have recently been back and forth to Ikea a million times as my parents have just moved house!  Browsing in the marketplace section of Ikea I came across their new stationary section. I’m surprised that I held back and just picked up two things!

The first item is this bat notebook. I  can’t explain why I love it so much. Maybe it’s because I studied Dracula for A level English and went on to write my University dissertation on it too. Or maybe I just like bats?

I really like the design! The old fashioned sketch of the bat paired with the modern bright pink binding and edges of the 140 unlined pages.

I must confess that this is the only item that I haven’t used yet but as soon as my current meeting notebook is full this bad boy will be out. I can’t wait to show it off and make people guess where it has come from! I think that it looks a lot more expensive than it really is and the paper quality feels so lovely!

There are so many items that I can’ wait to get my grubby little mits on! Check out the line for yourself!

2. Sarskild Photo album/scrapbook. £8


(Sorry for not using my own photograph. It is currently in my boot and it is raining. I love this blog but not enough to go out into the rain for it!)

My second purchase from Ikea is this super cute scrapbook. I am constantly looking at new ways to store photos from my travels. I’m even thinking that printing instagram photos from one of those websites that make them look like polaroid pictures. I love to collect photos and actually have them printed out. I would hate for my phone to break and have so many memories lost!

The scrapbook has 42 pages.

3. Smythson Sunny Side Up notecards.

DSC01945 DSC01947 DSC01948

From one of new favourite budget stationary lines to one of my oldest favourites that is a little more lux.

I love a Smythson notecard sale! I go in every season sale and stock up. These notecards have Sunny Side up embossed on the top in a yolky orange and the inside colour of the envelope matches. I love just love the attention that they put into every small detail.

I really think that writing notes and letters to other people is beautiful and so much more personal than a quick text or firing off an email! I especially like to write to people when they have had a bad day and I thought these Sunny Side Up cards were perfect for people who have had a bad day or are going through a tough time! The fact that they are from Smythson means that they are reserved for my closest friends who are going through a super tough time!!!

Unfortunately these are no longer available but make a note in your diary to check out their stationary in the upcoming Christmas sale! You will be amazed at how affordable they become for something so beautiful. If you can’t wait for the sale click here to check out their full priced range! The dream is to have some personalized ones! A girl can dream…and promises to herself to turn it into a reality one day…one day soon!

4. Anthropologie: Banderole Pencil Set £8

DSC01932 DSC01938

At first I was like ‘girl are you going to spend £8 on pencils’ and then I worked out that a set of 12 at £8 makes them *takes out calculator* £0.66 each. Now I think that is a bargain for such cute, high quality pencils. These sharpen like a dream, write beautifully and make writing/drawing a little bit more fun. I especially like to tickle unsuspecting friends with these when we are supposed to be doing serious grown up work!

These would also make such a lovely ‘Thank You’ present for a teacher!

5. Anthropologie: Mini Pocket Notes £5



I think that many of Anthropologie’s clothes are so over priced that it makes my eyes water. However, I find that most of their home and all of their stationary are really very reasonably priced! This little Stuff to do (if I feel like it) notebook is such high quality. The paper is luxurious and it is designed really well: perforated pages that make it easy to tear off and gold tick boxes to keep you organized. The colour has started to fade a little which is annoying!

I love to make a to do list. This allows me to do make them. That’s why I love this. It really is that simple!

O and it also the perfect size for a handbag!

6. Anthropologie: Notes of Gratitude. £12

DSC01949 DSC01951 DSC01954

These may just be the sweetest things that I have ever laid my eyes on! Perfect for a different thank you note that is super cute and looks like you have put more effort and thought into it that you probably have! I love to have an assortment of cards in my house: good luck, well done, thank you, happy birthday… just incase I forget an event/occasion and it hugely takes the good friend/good daughter pressure off as I don’t have to head to the shops. Instead I just have to head to my card drawer!

I love the detail of these cards. The envelopes have ‘A little note of gratitude’ on the back and its these details that make these so special! I was lucky enough to find a damaged box in the Westfield Anthropologie store so got these for £5! The cards inside are immaculate and I’m not fussed by a pristine box!!

I can’t wait until I get to thank somebody!!

7. Muji: 30 Colour Hex pen set. £10

DSC01941 DSC01944

I spend hours in Muji getting lost in their make up storage options and trying out every pen in the store to find just the right one! It has been one of my favourite stores for years!

I used to have these pens in my school bag many years ago and I decided that it was time was right to have felt tips in my work bag!

The price is so reasonable. You get 30 rainbow coloured pens for £10. That works out as £0.33 per pen. BARGIN! These are delicious to write with. They have a fine tip so are great for both writing and colouring in! I use these with my Mini Pocket Note book. I love to have colorful to do lists! I’m much more likely to actually start ticking some of the things off! Small things!

8. Orla Kiely notebook £9.



I use this notebook for shopping lists. I have mentioned a couple of times now that I have turned vegetarian and try to eat vegan wherever possible! Therefore, I am trying more and more new recipes and need a place to write down of all the new ingredients that I need. I love how retro this notebook is and it is perfect to chuck into a handbag! The handy strap on the side makes sure that no pages get ruffled or marked. I picked this up at John Lewis and it has 80 lined pages.

9.  Sharpie: 80’s glam. £5!!!!


Now there is not much that I like about the 80’s but when I spotted this Sharpie set in John Lewis I put it into my basket and walked to the till because I felt like I just had to have it!

I often talk to myself inside of my head as I approach tills, trying to justify the too often huge amounts of money that I am about to part with and on this occasion I just couldn’t justify the £20 for this set.

I put it back with a heavy sigh.

Then one glorious day as I was checking out Tesco’s stationary range I saw the very same set but for £15 pounds less!!!! 24 Sharpie pens for £5. I thanked the stationary gods who had blessed me that day and skipped all the way to the till.

I love them.

One sharpie by itself costs £2.25. I managed to get 24 for £5 making them £0.20 each. That makes my heart flutter just a little bit!

Sad news is they are back to £20 online but check in store. You might just find a bargain!


So that is my first ever stationary haul. Make sure you comment below if you have any good recommendations! I’m always on the market for more.







2 thoughts on “Back to work: Stationary haul!

  1. We could be sisters. I even try to avoid the stationary store at back to school time because I know I will pick up way too much. I love new boxes of crayons to. My theory is it is the potential we are feeling.

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