PDT: Pay Day Treats

I don’t know about you but one of my favourite days of the month is PAY DAY!

I literally jump for joy and allow myself to have a little splurge, normally on make up or skin care or sometimes even on both!

I will be blogging about my updated skin care routines in the next couple of weeks and I wanted to buy a couple of things for that! One I needed. The other was a complete splurge.

1. Emma Hardie: Duel Action Professional Cleansing Cloths. £10


I am a little bit addicted to the Emma Hardie Cleansing balm. But you are going to have to wait until next week for that review! I am here today to talk about the cleansing cloth (muslin). One side is a gentle muslin which is perfect for the removal of the balm and the other side is a smoother microfibre for deep pore cleansing, brightening and toning.

In short I have never had something so soft on my face and so luxe. They are machine washable but you only get one with the balm so it becomes a bit of a nightmare as I am not able to do as many muslin washes as I would like to whilst I am at work!

I brought a pack of three today so I always have some back ups.

I have a feeling that when I go on to use another cleansing balm (if that day ever comes) I will still use these cloths to remove the product and grime!

2. Sarah Chapman: Skinesis 1- Intense Hydrating Booster £57


O gosh am I excited to get this on my face or what?

I have seen rave reviews for this everywhere promising plump skin and a dewy radiant glow.

I have just scheduled a review for this product in a month and two months time so make sure you come back to see what I think!

A bonus extra:

3. Whistles: Coin purse £22.50/£30


I love a saving. When I saw 25% off with Grazia plastered all over the Whistles’ windows I knew that I had to go in. I have been looking for a coin purse for absolute months. something big enough to be practical but small enough to fit inside a clutch.

It is the softest lamb leather and not black more like a black mixed with a little bit of dark grey! Does that make sense?

I love the gold corner top zip which makes it not only look a little bit different, but also allows it to open a little bit more.

I can’t wait to use this tomorrow night as I claim back my youth and head to Kokos in London with 20+ work friends!

Leave me a comment saying what you are going to splurge on with September’s pay check! It may make me feel a little less guilty!



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