Meet my new best friend…

Todays post is short but promises to be one of the sweetest that I have ever created…

August was a big month.

Many things happened but none are more exciting than the one I am about to tell you! Even my birthday didn’t top the month.

Instead getting this little girl did.

I want you to meet Coco. Coco Blunt the Springerdoodle.


I am obsessed. So obsessed I find writing this post about her incredibly hard.

I look at that little face and want to cry.

She has brought so much happiness to my family- even my Grandmother who is not a dog type of lady loves her.

coco bean

She likes to sit on windowsills and watch the world zoom past around her.

She loves so much that she will wee herself with excitement when you walk into a room.

She likes to steal shoes and drag her bed outside.

She is gorgeous.


4 thoughts on “Meet my new best friend…

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