October Goals.

Sometimes I become trapped and lost in a world of routine.

The alarm goes of at 6.45am. I go to work. I come home. I eat. I sleep. I repeat.

Sometimes I  work incredibly long days and I find myself either having or not making myself any ‘Me Time’.

No time to get my own, personal to do lists done and I become lost in a world of helping others and losing my sense of self.

Things that I need to do for myself get lost. The outcome: I end up becoming a little resentful and unorganised.

Not only do these things get lost but my sense of fun, adventure and trying the new disappears also.

In an effort to beat the routine and to keep having new experiences I have decided to create 10 personal monthly goals.

I wanted these to be goals that I can measure and account for. They are not simply: to cook more but are instead to cook something new each week.

In each of these goals there is something to achieve and something in which you can see your success.

That is important to me.

I will be reviewing this whole process at the end of the month so please keep a beady little eye out for that!


october goals


For those of you who can’t read my atrocious handwriting they are:

1. Cook something new each week.

2. Build my new make up storage drawers and organise my stash.

3. Go through blog and organise/ delete crap/ archive.

4. Read for 30 minutes a day.

5. Print photos and pictures to go up in hallway and kitchen.

6. Visit 2 new restaurants with The Boy.

7. Work on my travel scrapbook 2x each week.

8. Watch a new movie each week,

9. Visit two museums or galleries.

10. Spring Fall Clean kitchen and bedroom.

I reckon I should also get some pretty good blog inspiration from this two.


Let me know one thing that you are going to do for yourself this month!

Sophie x


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