Blunt’s Weekend Kitchen: Peaches two ways.

I love peaches.

! I even love books about peaches. I was a massive sucker for Roald Dahl’s James and the Giant Peach. Man I wanted to join James on his adventure with all the creepy crawlies so bad…

In a bid to keep hold to the last slither of Summer (I fear as I type this it has left us as I look out of my office window and see rain and gloomy grey skies) but to also welcome Autumn I decided to make a couple of Peach recipes that I wanted to share with you in my new weekly feature: Blunt’s Weekend Kitchen.

These are perfect recipes for this transitional time. Peaches scream summer to me but baking and grilling them give them a bit more of a PJ and slipper Autumn cosy feel.

So lets start with the savoury…

1. Grilled peaches and Halloumi.

I would love to say that this was inspired by a fantastic blog post that made me run like a screaming banshee to the nearest supermarket to pick up just 4 simple ingredients. It didn’t. It came from hunger pains that forced me into the kitchen to pull something together from the bits and bobs that I had floating around my empty fridge.

So bear with me. I promise it is delicious.


You will need: (enough for one for a main or 2 for a starter/snack)

*1 ripe peach

* 50g of halloumi

* Balsamic Glaze

*Black pepper


1. Set your grill to high and put tin foil shiny side up on the bottom.

2. Remove the stone from your peach.

3. Slice into even slices and place onto grill.


4. Cut your halloumi into chunk/strips/whatever shape you fancy.


5. Pop them onto the grill too!


6. Turn once they are looking all warm and delicious (I did around 7 minutes for both sides)

7. Once both sides are cooked place into a pretty bowl and toss together.

8.Drizzle over some Balsamic glaze…makes both the cheese and fruit sing! And sprinkle some black pepper over the top. You do not need salt the cheese is salty enough!


Taste test.

 DSC02111  DSC02102 DSC02110

The next time I make this it will be delicious! I used a peach that was not ripe enough so the peach became dry and chewy. Not great! It defiantly needs to be a juicy peach. However, the flavours worked beautifully together and the balsamic glaze complimented both so well. This would work perfectly as a vegetarian item for a BBQ on skewers. I think I will leave making this again until the summer and trying it on the Barbie!


Now for the sweet…

2. Baked peaches with Sugar and cinnamon a somewhat healthy treat.



I found this recipe through my Pinterest obsession. Please do check out my pinterest account here. The recipe originally came from the blog: The Kitchen is my Playground. It has a wonderful collection of recipes -both sweet and savoury and I can’t wait to try out some more!

You will need: (for one or for two if used in porridge)


*1 ripe peach

*1 tsp of butter

*Brown sugar (quantity depends on your taste)

*cinnamon to sprinkle on top


1. Half your peach and remove the stone.



2. In the hallow put 1/2tsp of butter into each half.




3. Then add 1-2tsp of brown sugar! I used 1tsp per peach and it was deliciously sweet but not teeth achingly so! It depends on how sugary sweet you like things!



4. Sprinkle of a generous helping of cinnamon!

DSC02073 DSC02076

 5. Pop in the oven on a medium-high heat until the sugar and butter have melted into an ooey-googey goodness and the peaches themselves are soft, juicy and lightly brown on top.



Taste test:





This is the money-maker and perfect for a cold evening in front of a good movie or for a sweet Sunday brunch in bed under the duvet and with a good book/newspaper/magazine. Make sure your peach is ripe, and if you do you will be rewarded with hot peach juices that will make your tongue dance. The next time I am going to make this I will go on to cut the peach half into small peaches and mix it into a creamy porridge for a weekend breakfast. I am expecting good things. This is the type of food that makes you excited for the upcoming weather. You will rejoice when you open your curtains to a grey miserably rainy day. Happy in the knowledge that you can shut those curtains, curl up in bed with your baked peaches and hide until the sun comes out again.

Let me know if you give either of these a whirl.

Sophie x







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