Life box #1

I have a secret.

I have subscribed to a new monthly box!

No it’s not another beauty box. I’m a little bored of those.

It’s something greater, a little brighter and a lot more good for me.

It’s a Life Box and it comes with a warning:

Consumption of the contents of a LIFEBOX may bring on a number of side effects including:

*Increased energy levels

*General feeling of elation

*Everyday pizazz and zing

*Feelings of supreme wellbeing.

I knew that I had to sign up!

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And they promise to send you…

A balanced variety of lovingly hand-picked nutritious, wholesome and delicious health foods…[they] are obsessive believers in the power and remedial health benefits of whole, real, good natural food.


So lets delve in and see what they sent me:


Well the handiest of all was the menu that includes all of the goodies that you received so you can account for everything and make sure that you don’t miss anything in the packaging.


1. Coconut water with Aloe Vera.


I once tried a diet where I had to drink raw aloe Vera for 14 days. Safe to say I only lasted 4. It was disgusting. However, I have just started making smoothies for breakfast every day. I use coconut water to help with the blending process and I think that I will use this in a smoothie as I Don’t think that I can bring myself to drink it out of a smoothie. Nothing on the product just my personal history with Aloe….

It is a full size glass bottle. Amazing.

2. Urbanacai. 100% organic Acai powder.


This is meant to be added either to a glass of water or into a smoothie. I have never used acai powder myself but I have read endless articles on its health benefits. I can’t wait to bung this in a smoothie. It’s meant to turn everything bright purple!!

3. Pukka vitalise sachet.


This is an energy booster, full of: beetroot, bilberries and ginseng. It is to be added to a morning glass of water or aloe juice. I can’t wait to see if this actually works. As a teacher I work long, tiring days and I must be the only teacher in the world who doesn’t drink caffeine. So I’m constantly looking for ways to be a little bit perkier at the start of the day.

4. Conscious raw chocolate bar.


This is free from dairy, soya, gluten and refined sugars. I actually prefer raw chocolate to that which has been crammed full of dairy products. I find it 100x tastier. This is one to save for my Vegan weekends.

5. Itsu seaweed thins.


I seaweed. I also adore wasabi. So the fact that I have seaweed that is wasabi flavoured makes me want to do cartwheels across the ceiling. The perfect ‘get me to the next meal before I kill someone’ snack. Only 22 calories per pack so it’s pretty guilt free too.

6. Rude health granola.


Praise be to the life box gods. A granola that has no refined sugars just honey and date syrup to sweeten it. I love granola on yoghurt and this 50g box will provide enough for two or three breakfasts. It’s a grown up granola as it has more complex flavours from the spelt and barley. I like feeling like a grown up.

7. Inspiral kale chips.


These are raw beetroot & acerola kale chips that are 100% natural, gluten and GM free. I am a bit of a crisp gal and I will pick them over chocolate any day of the week. So I’m excited to try a much healthier alternative to the traditional potato chip. If they are good enough for Jennifer Aniston I guess they are good enough for me!

8. Kombucha green tea.


I need to check that this doesn’t contain caffeine. I’m sure it doesn’t. But caffeine does weird things to me. So I need to make sure as I really want to try this. It is a living tea. It’s ALIVE!! It’s believed to align the soul, body and mind. It’s a probiotic drink. Like those yoghurts! It’s also a great immune booster. Samurai warriors from days long ago were meant to fill their flasks with Kombucha tea to raise their Chi energy. I need to raise my Chi energy. I hope that I can try this!

9. Baobab sachet.


This is to be sprinkled on cereal, porridge, yoghurt, smoothies or deserts. I have also read so much recently on the benefits on baobab so I can’t wait to get stuck in with this.

10. Pukka tea sachets.


I got two of these. The refresh: organic peppermint, licorice and fennel tea. And the lemon and mandarin tea. I’m not a huge tea fan. I’m just not a fan of hot drinks! So I might give these to my mum or wait until a super cold day and I am begging for a hot brew to warm myself up with.

11. Life box every morning cleanse mix. – cayenne, turmeric and cinnamon.


This is to kick-start your metabolism when added into some hot water with a lemon. It suggests to add agave nectar to sweeten it if you wish. My metabolism definitely needs to be kick started so I will give this ago! There is a lot of this product and I reckon it will last about a week!

12. Life box nuts in the go- almonds and mulberries.


A handy little sachet of nuts that is perfect for a handbag snack to keep you going. I love almonds but have never tried mulberries. Excited to give them a whirl!

Pros of lifebox:

*The attention to detail. The menu, the recipe idea, the 10%of your next order.

PicMonkey Collage
*The personal touch. The handwritten welcome tag made my heart melt.


* The packaging. Functional, streamlined and extremely well branded.

*The products. That is what I am here for. Everything else is a gorgeous bonus. The products are incredible and many things that I haven’t tried before. That’s what I wanted. Cleaner eating is new to me and I am looking for new products that I have never tried before and the majority of these are.

*Maybe one too many teas for me. I think that I maybe the only person to say this as I’m probably the only person in the world who doesn’t like hot drinks- I drink my hot chocolate cold.

Has it put me off? Certainly not!

Thank you life box. You have made my day a little healthier and a little more inspired. I’m now even more likely to stick to this cleaner way of living and am so excited to get my chops around all of these gorgeous products.

More info…

I have signed up for the 3 month trial subscription and pay £18.95 per month. This does make it the most expensive monthly subscription box that I have tried but it is also by far the box with the highest quality products. I will always pick quality and pay a little bit more for it!

You can pick a type of box to fulfil your needs. I picked the everyday life box which provides energy for everyday. The other options are a cleanse box, a junior box and one for men’s or women active healthy lifestyle.

For more info leave me a question or head on over to their gorgeous website! Their new October boxes have launched today…


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