Halloween bucket list.

O my goodness I love Halloween! I wish that in UK we embraced it as much as they do in America.

I love to dress up, eat sweets and watch scary movies!

I thought that I would make and share with you a quick bucket list of all the things that I want to do this Halloween:

1. Dress up.

PicMonkey Collage

There is a fabulous story behind these pictures.

The friend on the left in the right hand picture is called Lianne and one October we went to Berlin for a little weekend away! On he night of our return a friends called Lawrence and James through a Halloween bash that had a strict…’You must dress up or not come rule.’

On our last day in Berlin we realised that we didn’t have costumes and would have no time when back in the UK to source one. We ran to the nearest German department store and searched through their racks of children’s fancy dress costumes (lucky that we are both under 5’5!) We found these two beauties. Matching pumpkin costumes that came with a stork hat!

The only trouble being was that we could only take cabin bags onto our plane. We ran back to our hotel and put on all of our clothes! I had my PJ bottoms on under my trousers! Still they would not fit into our Longchamps so we began to dump some of our treasured items. Perfume? I can get a new one! Shoes? They are not orange and made of Polyester! THEY MUST GO!

We returned back to the UK with less personal items but amazing memories. We even won the best dressed prize! I don’t actually think that there was a prize but I would have given it to us!

Dressing up brings people together. You let loose and become a character for the evening. That’s why it is my favourite thing to do not only at Halloween but anytime of the year!

2. Watch scary movies.

The only type of movies that I will watch in October are scary ones.

This year I want to watch some classics! (click on the image for a description) So on my  ‘to be watched list are’:

The Changeling - (1980) This movie is really good. Not gory just down right spooky.

Classic poster from a classic film...  Many people say that this is the scariest film of all time.


 Silence of the Lambs 1991 Original Vintage US One Sheet Movie Poster (Clarice Starling) | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

And of course…

Hocus Pocus - One of my favorite Halloween Movies!

3. Carve a pumpkin for my doorstep.

This year I going to do things a little differently…

Pineapple Jack O'Lantern

4. Do something nice for my friends

I think that Halloween is the perfect opportunity to do a little random act of kindness for friends and loved ones. Friends further afield will get something through the post. Friends that I have the pleasure of seeing daily will get a little love coming their way!

What will you be doing this Halloween?


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