Your awful is my success.

I think that sometimes we can get a little lost and a lot confused in the bloggers world. We become desperate to keep up with the latest eye-shadow colour, the must have bronzer. We leave behind our faithful old battered favourite restaurants and force our friends to take photos in the hottest new restaurant in London. All in pursuit of a new blog post. The type of blog post that is going to get you noticed. The type of blog post that is going to turn your hobby into a career. The blog post where a high-end brand is magically going to find your number, dial your digits and offer you the big dollar to write about them.

I admit that I am a little lost in a world of make up and beauty products. Yes I really am enjoying the process about what will work for my skin, my complexion, my oil levels, my eye colour…. and I am seeing big changes -changes for the better.

But is that how I want to be remembered. As the girl who made her mark on the world talking about beauty? About make up? A person that friends would go to for advice on what lipstick they should buy rather than what to do if a huge life event tore their world to pieces.

Well no. No I don’t.

Blogging is not a diary. You are sending out a message to the world about who you are, what you think and what you stand for.

I believe that you have the right to blog about whatever the hell you want. If you want to sit and tap away about human rights, make up brushes, computer games, love, politics or travel well that is just marvellous and I am so glad that I live in a country that allows for that to happen. Where people can stand up (well sit down at a computer or in front of a camera) and send a part of themselves out into the world. A message of the perfect eyebrow arch or about the plight of refugees in Zambia. All are equal and all are as important in very different ways. Some are dealing with bigger global issues but all are written by a pair of hands that belong to a human being who is conveying their passion to the world and there is something truly beautiful about that.

I feel that this blog post has become a little bit confused but I am resisting the dying urge I have to edit that confusion out. It’s from this confusion that this post was born.

All I think that I am trying to say is that in the pressure of blog stats, creating new content, balancing work, a social life and being a blogger has got to me. I have lost the me that I want to portray to the world.


Back in 2012 I wrote a blog post called: 2012 – a difficult year for Meheba refugee camp. It is my most popular blog post by far. It was liked 145 times and commented on 74 times. For some of you those figures will be awful. But your awful is my best. Your awful is what I am proud of. Your awful is my success.

I sat down today wanting to share a little bit of what I am thinking today as reminder to the future me to stay to true to who I am as a blogger.

Stop playing catch up because who you are right now is enough. Continue on your journey of trying to bring your little change to the world. But also remember that there is no shame in doing it with a bright red lipstick on!

I will continue to write about beauty but expect a little bit of the old me to return.



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