October moments

October has been an amazing month. So I thought that I would share with you some of my favourite October moments from my Instagram photos.

It all started with it being October 3rd.


Then I found one of my all time favourite family photos. Me with my wonderful Grandad Tom


One of the things that I share on instagram the most is some of my favourite quotes.

PicMonkey Collage

I had one of the funniest nights with my work friends playing Cards Against Humanity.

I recommend it to anyone.

We made it into a PJ party so I went make up free, in my make up and wet hair with French braids to make sure my hair was wavy for the next day.


Three of my favourite little girls came round for a 3 night sleep over.

My two sisters and Coco our family puppy.

PicMonkey Collage coco

I made two great food discoveries…

A Chipolte veggie burrito.


Nutella Go!


I had my first Lush bath!

I used the Luxury Christmas Pud from their Christmas collection.


I had one big day of feeling anxious so I stayed in bed, watched Netflix and ate some comforting food. I really needed a day to focus on myself!


I had a couple of days doing some of my favourite things in London.

1. Exploring my favourite Gallery


2. A walk along the Thames and stopping for a selfie by my favourite Big Boy


3. A Pharrell gig at the O2


I even glammed up a couple of times.


Thank you October. You have been amazing!


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