December Goals

Back on the 1st of October I sat down and wrote a blog post called October Goals.

My life had become predictable and I had slipped into a world of routine. When that happens my creativity dies, I feel bored and I make best friends with Netflix for days and days.

Even though it only seems like yesterday it has been two months (holy shit two months!) since I sat down and wrote that post.

Things got in the way of me ever completing and reviewing the goals.

Life, over thinking and anxiety.

Now that I am sat down and have half an hour to be reflective I think half of the trouble was that I was too ambitious in the amount of goals that I set for myself.

So here I sit again filled with a little more optimism that I maybe able to achieve this time as I am approaching the long Christmas holiday.

I have reset the “rules”.

I will have just 5 simple goals.

They are 5 simple things that I can achieve in the month of December and then, if I am successful, I can go onto build upon and expand the rules a little more.

So here they are.

My December goals:


What goals are you setting yourself this month?

If you are setting goals please remember to be kind to yourself and remember that:




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