Christmas Wish List

When I was a little girl my darling mummy used to sit me down and write all the things that I wanted for Christmas. If I was a good girl I might get one or two things from that list.

It was one of my most favourite things to do. I used to rummage through the Argos toy section in their catalogue (before the days of the internet) and wander around the stores wide-eyed and writing in my little notebook everything that I saw that I thought I might like.

I thought it might be nice to start the tradition again. If nobody buys me anything…well I’m old enough that I might just be able to treat myself.

christmas 1

1. Clarisonic Mia 2

I have become obsessed with the idea of using a Cleansing system. In the past year I have recently really got into (read obsessive) about skin care and looking after my skin. The Clarisonic claims to remove more dirt and grease than by just washing with your hands or a muslin cloth. If this is the case then I want in!

2. The Kate Spade Leo Charm Bracelet

I love Kate Spade and I love her jewellery most of all. Especially this Leo Charm bracelet. I’m not a believer in star signs but I do however identify with many of the Leo traits. This is such a cute piece of jewellery that I would wear almost everyday. This is sold out online but I have seen them still in stock in the Covent Garden and Westfield’s stores.

3. Lists of Note created by Shaun Usher

These books are beautiful. Last Christmas I got Letters of Note from my Dad and it sits by my bed and I delve into it whenever I want to be inspired. It is a beautiful collection of important letters written from all types of people. I promise you that some of them will break your heart! This is the newest collection: Lists. You can not imagine how much I want this. I include making lists on my lists of hobbies. To have some of the most important lists ever written in a beautifully bound book would make me a wonderfully happy gal.

 4. Grid Two Shelf Storage Unit by Oliver Bonas

I like copper and I have things that I need to store. Could this be more perfect?  It is an item that I would keep, use and treasure forever.

christmas 2

5. Saint Laurent Monogramme leather shoulder bag

If I’m going to spend serious money on a bag I want it to be one that I know I will use and keep forever. This is my current lust worthy but can’t afford  right now item that I am obsessing over. I don’t expect to get it at all…but a girl can dream right?

 6. Daniel Wellington Classic Oxford Lady in Rose Gold

I have seen these watches everywhere recently but I have wanted one pretty much forever. They are classic and not outrageously priced. I love the colourful wristbands of these watches and I adore rose gold. What more could a woman want?

7. A trip to Bali

I don’t thin there is anywhere in the world that I want to go to more right now than Bali. It looks like it has the perfect blend of culture, fun and relaxation. I will dream all crappy Christmas weather long of being on a beach sipping a coconut whilst exploring some temples. Just perfection.

8. Art- La Vie est Belle.

I would very much like this in the largest size that it comes in and I would very much like it to hang above my bed. I love to collect different art pieces and this would work beautifully in my flat.

So there you have it Father Christmas. That is all that I would like for Christmas. Could we please have a little World Peace to?


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