It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas!

I am really enjoying writing these Christmas/Wintery themed posts and I really hope that you like reading them. The next in the Christmas series is all about a little new favourite of mine that has really transformed my flat. The White Company Noir Scent Diffuser. br />
DSC02653-0.JPG I popped into the White Company last Friday and saw that they had a 20% of everything in a one off event. I jumped upon the bargain train and sped all the way to the diffuser section of the store. I have never owned a diffuser before but I have been tempted by this one for a couple of months. I always thought that they would be too overpowering and dominate the whole home but I could not have been more wrong. Everyday, after work, I walk into my flat and am greeted by the most glorious of smells. I already own the room fragrance in the noir scent so I knew that I was going to love it but I didn’t realise just how much. The bottle chic and simple. My only wish is that it was in the black glass that they use for the rest of their noir scents. I didn’t opt for the diffuser stand as I don’t like anything to look too matchy matchy, perfect in my apartment. I like it to clash a little bit and I felt that the diffuser stand tied it all together  a little too much. The scent is perfect for this time of the year- amber, mandarin& sandalwood. It is my type of scent: warming and sensuous. I’m not that into floral, pretty, fresh smells. Noir is the perfect scent to snuggle on down with a book, or cosying on down with a loved one to watch a film. It’s calming and relaxing. It reminds me a little of Jo Malone’s pomegranate noir. It’s perfect. DSC02649.JPG Now don’t get me wrong I still love the moodiness and romance of a candle flickering away as your watching a film, soaking in a bath or sharing food and drinks with friends but you can’t leave a candle unattended all day. Candles will always be my favourite thing but I am rather enjoying coming home to a gorgeous smelling flat everyday of the week.



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