What I got for Christmas 2014

These are one of my favourite types of Christmas blog posts to read. I am always so intrigued to see what people got for their pressies. I like to imagine the anticipation that they felt whilst retrieving them from under the tree and the joy that they had whilst ripping the wrapping paper off to reveal the goodies that were hiding inside.

This year my present haul was incredible (I’ve obviously been a very good girl) and I certainly feel very privileged and special to have loved ones who know exactly what I would like and who want to treat me so much!

Christmas Tree 2014

He’s been!

I have a small feeling that my Christmas Wish List post might have helped one or too purchases. So let’s start with those first:

(I have included links to the items where possible)

1. Clarisonic: Mia 2


I have wanted one of these for a long while. I had a sneaky suspicion that my mother was going to get me one of these (because she told me that she was) even before I wrote the Wish List.
It’s exactly the one that I wanted. The Mia 2 in the classic and clean white colour. I had to charge it before the first use for 24 hours so, at the time of writing this, I have only used it twice!
Expect to see a review of this in the next couple of months once it is firmly established in my skincare routine.

2. Daniel Wellington:- Classic Oxford Watch

Daniel Wellington Watch Classic Oxford

The Boy got me this! I love it. I particularly am adorefesting over the rose gold face- if there is anything that I love at the moment it is rose gold. The strap is classic yet modern and can be changed easily to a leather one if I ever wanted to. I now feel very grown up when people ask me what the time is as I am no longer relying on my iPhone and it is doing wonders for my battery life too!

3. Kate Spade: Leo Charm Bangle


This was an unexpected present from two of my lovely students. They had seen it on my blog!! The darlings!
I have worn this every single day. I like the quirkness and fun that Kate Spade injects into her jewelry. It is different to anything that can be found out there today- well at least I think it is! The Charm is my birthsign (Leo) and inscribed on the back is “She Leads the Way.” Just beautiful!

Now to the surprise (non Wish List items)…

4. Jo Malone: Blackerry & Bay and Wood Sage & Sea Salt

PicMonkey Collage
In my family it is tradition to get new perfume for Christmas. It is a wonderful tradition! This year I received two of the smaller sized Jo Malone perfumes in Blackberry & Bay and the ever blogged about Wood Sage & Sea Salt. I like getting two of the smaller sized ones as it gives you more variety than getting just one bigger bottle.
Blackberry & Bay- The perfect mix of fruity and woody scents. Making it not too sweet but still delicate and feminine.
Wood Sage & Sea Salt- My first ever home as a little girl was in Suffolk and on the beach. Lots of my family still live there and when I spray this it takes me back to them. Everytime I spray it I think of them.

5. Lush: Honey 

2014 is the year that I have really got into Lush. This honey set from my parents is delicious. The only real skin complaint I have is that it can become quite dry if I fall behind on my moisturising routine (which I have done recently) This set will be perfect to get me back on track as it is packed with gorgeous Honey products: Honey I Washed the Kids soap, Honey Bee bath bomb, Soft Coeur massage bar and It’s Raining Men shower gel.  I am yet to try any of these products and I am so excited to give them a whirl.

Keeping on the theme of honey..

6. Sloane Stationary: Busy Bee Notepad

I think my mum is the only person in the world that truly appreciates my love of stationary. This Busy Bee notebook has already been put to use! I am using it to copy recipes that I want to try from my mum’s recipe books and online blogs. I will slowly work through them and post the process in my Blunts Weekend kitchen weekly feature.

7. How to be Parisian * Wherever You Are

A gift from one of my sisters. I am obsessed with Paris and it is even one of my top three cities (London, New York, Paris). I have found that I am visiting Paris more and more after discovering the ease of the Eurostar. I am also obsessed with Parisian style. How effortlessly chic it is. The natural beauty of its inhabitants. The Chanel matching suits and Breton stripes. I could just die!!!!

8. Julie Bell: Thank You Cards

Another stationary item that I ripped open. I love to write cards and letters to people who I love. The packaging of these are beautiful and I can’t to start thanking people for the wonderful people that they are!!!

9. Glam Glow: Gift Sexy

A beauty item that has been on my “to purchase” list for months. I got a cryptic call from my mum at the beginning of the month asking me what type of skin I had and if I had any complaints. The set includes: YOUTHMUD, SUPERMUD AND THIRSTYMUD.  I actually recommend the YOUTHMUD as a gift for my mum from my dad. We are going to sit around, drink wine and nourish after our skin!

10. Leon: Fast Vegetarian Cookbook

4 months ago I became a vegetarian so getting this for Christmas is just want I wanted to see emerge from my wrapping paper. I am constantly on the look out for new recipes to try as I don’t have many vegetarian recipes under my belt. I love experimenting with new foods and trying new things and having had a flick through these gorgeous recipes there are so many that I can’t wait to share.

11. One Line A Day- A Five Year Memory Book



Last but not least- One of my favourite presents from one of my sisters. This book will hopefully document the highs, the lows and all the in-betweens of the next 5 years of my life. Who knows…it might even inspire that book I have always been wanting to write…NO. 78 on the old Blunts Bucket List.

What was your favourite Christmas present?

I hope you got all you wished for and more.

PS. I forgot just how long the process of taking and editing photos took! Luckily my assistant is just so darn cute.




8 thoughts on “What I got for Christmas 2014

  1. I love reading about what others got for Christmas too, does this make us nosey? Haha. I’d have bought the honey set from Lush if I’d have seen it in the boxing day sales, it sounds perfect! Also loving the bee notebook. I’ve posted what I received for Christmas if you’d like to read it 🙂

    Lucy ox

  2. I love that Line a Day Diary. I really want one myself as they’re such a nice thing to look back on. Also love that Busy Bee note book. I got a kindle for xmas which I was really happy about as it means I don’t have to lug books back and fourth from uni any more, I also got lots of nice smellies and bath things from family which will set me up for the year 🙂

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

  3. How I love little Miss B being on Christmas break and having the blogs coming through every morning. So glad you got spoilt this crimbo. Really want to know how the Clarisonic goes!!!

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