December Goal Review.

So here it is. The end of another month and the end of 2014. I hate to sound the same as every other blogger out there but where the hell did 2014 go?!? No I mean seriously…where did it go.

One of the disadvantages of growing older is that time seems to go so much faster.

I will not be reviewing the whole year as I have decided to go down the monthly route (which is something that I will be continuing in 2015). I choose to set goals monthly and to review each month as it passes because then I don’t miss the little things, I can alter my goals and ambitions when I need to and I am much more likely (95%) more likely to actually stick to them.

So I will begin by quickly reminding myself of my December goals from this month.


1. Archive Blog posts– I FINALLY GOT AROUND TO DOING THIS. If you scroll to the top of my blog you will see a new category page. I have finally arranged and linked all blog posts by their category. These are: Beauty, Books, Life, Restaurants, Recipes and Travel. These may expand but I am beyond happy with how it looks and works. I also deleted 100’s of crappy posts and it has allowed me to see what categories I need to focus on in the future. It took 3 days!

2. Get a Spa Treatment– I didn’t do this one. I forgot just how busy Christmas is. I made more time for family and less time for myself and that is a decision I will never regret.

3. Perfect One New Vegetarian Dish– This year was my first year spending Christmas as a vegetarian and I’ll tell you a secret…I din’t miss it once! I replaces meat with a beautiful Cranberry and Bramley Apple stuffing from Waitrose and dosed up on more Cranberry Sauce & Bread Sauce to replace gravy. The food was delicious and I didn’t feel stuffed at the end of the meal.


4. Finish and Review Americanah– Another completed goal. I loved the book. I have not yet published the review but it is written and scheduled for sometime in January as I had far too many Christmassy posts taking up my December blogging schedule.

5. Movie Night with Friends – TICK! This was one of the most fun goals to tick off. I watched The Green Mile with my friends Cat and Olly just before I came back home for Christmas. There is nothing better than snuggling down with good food, squash, friends and a movie on a cold wintry night. Just delicious.

So there we have final 2014 monthly goal review.

Please leave below links to your 2014 goal review/ December goal review/Daily goal review. However you choose to do it, they are all as valid as one another as it pushes us to keep improving, to make time for fun and most importantly if we are not happy with something it allows us to change it!

Have a fabulous last night of 2014. May 2015 bring you every thing you wish for you work hard for!


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