Dupeing it up: Estee Lauder Chained and Max Factor Bronze

A month or so ago I was feeling a little spendy. I was roaming around in Boots and looking at the drug store brands and they just weren’t cutting it. A couple of minutes later I found myself swatching like crazy at the Estee Lauder stand. A stand that I have never really ventured to before. All of my Grandmother’s make up comes from Estee Lauder and I stupidly I had grouped it in my mind as a brand that is reserved for a more mature consumer.

So there I was, arms covered in swatches of eye-liners, bronzers, blushers and eyeshadow and I thought to myself: ‘Hey, there is some pretty great stuff here.’ At that moment my eye moved to some eyeshadow pots. To be more specific they moved to their Pure Color Stay-On Shadow Paints.  Now the only reason I didn’t pick one up in every single colour is the price tag: £20 for just one. I knew that I could only afford to buy one and the task of narrowing them down was close to impossible!! I love a sliver and Steel would have been a welcomed edition into my collection. However, having recently purchased the Charlotte Tilbury Fallen Angel palette from the Supermodel look I felt like I had silvers covered. Cosmic, a beautiful burnt-browny red looked amazingly different to anything else that I owned at the time but for £20 I was looking for something that I knew I was guaranteed to wear on a regular basis as I know from first hand experience…thanks to many a Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow…that these types of eyeshadows have a tendency to dry out fairly quickly. So the swatching search continued and then I found it. The one that I had been looking for. Chained. A gorgeous Bronze that was mine all mine!

A couple of weeks later I was strolling around Boots once again but this time I was working with a much more high-street type of budget. I glanced at the Max Factor stand. One that I also used to pay no attention to but I have recently fallen head over heals in love with the brand. I of course went straight for their eye shadow ranges and found that they had a new product in store: Excess Shimmers. I love me a bit of eye-shimmer and am not scared by it. I swatched away and instantly fell in live with every colour. I was also shocked at just how similar they were to the Estee Lauder Shadow paints in texture and in the metallic colours.


So in the name of research (or a complete addiction to trying to become a bronzed goddess) I picked up the shade Bronze and sneakily took home Copper too. Two pots for £15.98. That saves £4.02 if you were to buy just one from Estee Lauder.

MF’S Bronze and EL’s Chained are incredibly similar colours. Bronze is slightly darker but the mousse like texture is identical and when they both set they stay put all day. Although I would have to give longevity to Estee Lauder! I apply them both in exactly the same way: packed on with a MAC 239 brush and blended out with a 217. You can also use your fingers for a slightly quicker application but I usually opt for the brush as I think it is more hygienic! The packaging is virtually identical too and you actually get a little more product with the Max Factor offering.

I recommend both of these products. If there is one thing I love the most about make-up, no matter what your budget is there is a great product out there for you to play and experiment with.

Now I sit here with two bronzy creamy shadow pots. Desperate to use them before they both dry up.

Wish me luck….



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