January Favourites

I am determined to have all 12 monthly favourites by the end of 2015.

I have decided to give break down my favourites into 3 categories and in each I am allowed to pick 3 items. I have a tendency to feel mean if I don’t pick every item I use daily and include it as a favourite so hopefully this will keep me picking those that I truly love above all the others!


1. Mark Hill Salon Professional Zebra Wicked Hair Waver £59.99 (I got this for £29.99 in the Black Friday sales. God Bless America.)


Purchased after seeing it recommended in A Model Recommends video and I have used this tool almost every single time that I have washed and dried my hair. I tend to wash my hair twice a week and I haven’t noticed any drying or damage, which is probably due to my kick ass hair protector: Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle. I use this waver in two different ways. I curl to the top of my hair to create a full head of curls that I leave to set for 10-15 minutes in a cloud of hair spray. I then brush it through with my tangle teaser and add some serum to keep the frizz at bay. Or I curl just up to half way/ or even just the ends for a more relaxed, beachy, less maintained look. I have incredibly thick and heavy hair and the curl holds until I next wash my hair. A MIRACLE!! I get nothing but compliments and I can curl it all in just under 20 minutes. My old curler to 60 minutes plus! Ain’t no one got time for that! I simply love it! I did get this with £30 off, however, after having used it I would definitely have paid full price for it! Look out for a hair routine coming out later in the month!

2. GLAMGLOW® THIRSTYMUD™ Hydrating Treatment £49.99


I got this as one of my Christmas presents  in a set from my parents and I now can’t seem to find online. The set came with three of GlamGlow’s masks and ThirstyMud is the one that I have dipped into most this month. We have had some pretty grottily cold winter days this January and my skin has been suffering. It is dry and I definitely haven’t been drinking enough water so it is also dehydrated. I have been using this hydrating treatment twice a week on a Wednesday and Saturday. On Saturday I keep it on for 30 minutes whilst catching up with some Netflix before going out with some friends for food and drinks. I find that make up sits better on my skin and it looks plumper and dry patches have disappeared. On Wednesdays I apply the mask at around 9pm and keep it on as I sleep. I swap this in for my nightly Sarah Chapman Overnight facial oil. I wake up and my skin looks insanely better. This thing works wonders my friends. It also smells incredible. Like coconuts and far away islands…

3. Pixi Glow Tonic £18


I am new to the world of acid toning. I wasn’t scared of it. If I’m honest I had never really heard of it. I didn’t want to go splashing some seriously strong acid over my face so I headed to my guru: Caroline Hirons blog and picked the Pixi Glow Tonic as my entrance point into the world of acid toning. Pixi, as a brand is suer no frills, which I really love. The founder wanted to create a brand that is both effective and simple and that is what I found their Glow Tonic to be. I used to use this two times a day on a cotton pad swiped across the face but now that I have a Clarisonic to use in the evening I tend to use this only in the morning as I felt the combination of this and a Clarisonic too stripping. It helps to remove dead skin cells, remove sun damage and help reduce fine lines. I put this product down to removing every single one of my under the forehead bumps and this dramatically helps dry up (ewww) spots and to help with scaring. I am now coming to the end of my first bottle and I have a second one in my cabinet waiting to be used. I’m a huge fan. Pick it up online, in Oxford Street Topshop, in Libertys and in the Pixi store in Carnaby Street.


1. Rimmel London Stay Blushed! In Sunkissed Cherry £4.99


This is one of the most recent 2015 additions into my make-up stash. I have been watching a lot of Lisa Eldridge’s old make-up tutorials and stumbled across her Alexa Chung tutorial in which she shows us Alexa’s signature look on Alexa herself! If you haven’t seen it click in the link after reading this post. It is YouTube gold! I sat on my sofa astonished at how one woman can be so beautiful. In the video Lisa uses this Rimmel cream blush on Alexa and I got excited. I think that I may have told you before that I struggle with blusher. I don’t think that a lot of colour looks good on my cheeks and I have been tempted by a cream blush for a long time. I am now converted. Does anyone sit around and want to try a new product/formula for so long that they become a little scared to, in case it doesn’t;t produce the results that they have dreamt that it would. Then you use the product and you kick yourself for waiting for so long…No? Just me? Great! I adore the colour. Don’t be mislead by the name there is nothing cherry about it. Instead it is a beautiful peachy coral shade that will be wonderful in the spring/summer. I haven’t used anything else on my cheeks all month! I like how with cream blushes you can apply the sheerest covering by blending it out with your fingers! Just fabulous!!

2. Lancôme  Grandiose Mascara £24.50


I am still on the hunt for the perfect mascara. I try a lot that I like but none that I feel loyal to/like enough to repurchase. However that is ending. I wrote in my 2014 favourites about Urban Decay’s Perversion and Subversion duo. It is fabulous for the evening giving some delicious super voluminous, thick and long lashes but it was just a little too much for a work day. It is safely in my night out make up stash and I began the hunt again for a great day time appropriate mascara. I have heard many people raving about the new Lancôme offering to the mascara world so I thought I would give it ago. Packaging: bulky but beautiful and easy to find in your make-up bag. Brush: wonderfully easy to use considering it has a swan neck and the brush isn’t so big that everything becomes a mess all over your beautifully applied eye shadow. Result: Separated and longer lashes. I don’t think that this does much for me in the volume area but I have a lot of thick lashes so volume isn’t my main priority. For the day time I am looking for something to open up my eyes and to give them some definition. This does that….now to see how long it takes for it to dry out!

3. Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution in Love Liberty £23


At this time of the year I have a lot of time for matte dark lipsticks and you have got to believe that I always have time for Charlotte Tilbury. Her latest offering to the world of lipsticks have literally rocked the beauty world. I think every small time blogger (like myself) died with jealous when the big timers were very obviously gifted with the £220 Luxury Lipstick Wardrobe which features all ten shades. Well I know that I died. But off I popped to Selfridges to pick up just one and I opted for Love Liberty. A beautiful wild rose-coloured wonder in a bullet and inspired by Liberty Ross. The lipstick has a square, angled tip that makes it a breeze to apply and when doubled with a lip pencil it literally lasts for hours. It remains through drinking, crying, nose blowing, kissing and eating and does not feel drying at all. Miss Tilbury I once again bow down to your brilliance. You really are changing the world of make up one product at a time. There is a colour for everybody! What the hell are you doing sat here still reading this post? Run to Selfridges of Fenwicks on Bond Street or even click here and buy yours today!


1. #GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso

gossip girl

Now i’m not going to do an in-depth review of this here as I already have one of those written up for later on in February. But ya know when you read something and it just changes the way you think about stuff? Well this is just that type of book. Inspirational, through provoking and gutsy. I now feel like a badass bitch who is ready to take control of my life and the world. Watch out!

2. Nights with friends


Don’t get me wrong. I simply adore my family. They are my most favourite people in the whole of my life and I would catch a grande for them…or however that song goes. Christmas in the Blunt’s casa is a family affair. I love it but now that festivities have ended with a sudden bump and I am back to work insteps my second family. The friend family. I am a hugely lucky girl to love my job and love the people who I work with. We have had some amazing holidays and big trips together but one of my absolute favourite things that we do together is to go to our local bar order a few bottles of wine and laugh, chat and cry together. I have particularly loved it this month as I have been going through a bit of a tough/ entirely shit patch. They have picked me up and rebuilt me into something that is starting to almost resemble myself again. I love them, I thank them and they are one of my January (read lifetime) favourites.

3. Gossip Girl


Now this is not a new series for me at all. I watched it religiously when it first came out. I know who Gossip Girl is and I know that who ends up together. I recommended it in December to my 14-year-old sister who has not yet watched it. She quickly become besotted and I became insanely jealous so the re-watching began! It reminds me of my school/university days sneakily watching this under the duvet when I should have been in bed and coming up with elaborate excuses as to why my prep was not completed but I had managed to get to Season 5 of GG in 5 days! It reminds me of being in New York (one of the holy trinity of the world’s best cities) and it makes me excited to go back this summer with some of my girlfriends.

1/12 of my monthly favourites done. I love the processes of trawling through my stash and picking out those products that I really enjoy to share with you all.

I’ll be back (with a favourites) next month but until then that’s a secret I’ll never tell.

You know you love me

Sophie xoxo

AHHHH I couldn’t resist!



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