February Goals

Happy February you lovely people.

I can’t believe that January has gone! What is going on? Where is time going? It’s a little scary. Look out later in the week for my January Goal review. It should be an interesting one as I wasn’t too successful!

Here are my 5 goals for this month:


1. Take stock of all skin care/beauty products.

I want to stop spending so much money on beauty products and to start using up all that I already own. Problem is that it is all unorganised and I have no idea of what I already own. This month I want to take stock and actually see what I have. I have a notebook to write it all down in and I can cross it out as I use it. This also help me spend my money a little more wisely and less impulsively and to only repurchase products that I don’t own!

2. Donate/chuck old clothes and organise drawers and wardrobes.

I need to have a good sort out. I need to stick a few things on eBay, donate some and a lot def need chucking! I end up wearing the same thing a lot of the time. I know I have more options… I just can’t find them!

3. Exercise 3x a week! That’s 12 times a month!

Yep. This one is back. After my eventful month I am more than determined to get back on track with this goal. I have even made a timetable and purchased stickers!

4. Blog 3x a week.

I love being back into blogging and I have made a kick-ass schedule with some really great ideas. Fingers crossed!

5. Track all spending.

I am hugely inspired to start saving money. I have also just booked a gals 3 week holiday to America this summer. Need to get my budgeting head on. It’s going to be tough!

What do you want to achieve this month?


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