Review: #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso


I believe every book that we read, yes every single one, changes us in it’s own little way. Some will change us more than others. Some teach us how to live and how to see the world. Some simply remind us to not be as boring as the protagonist and if we find that we are it tells us to shake it up a little.

#Girlboss is one of those books that you read and find yourself inspired and a little bit changed. I’m sat writing this a month since finishing the book and yet it’s impact is still present in my everyday life.

It is the story of Sophia Amoruso, the Founder and CEO of Nasty Gal, a brand that I have long admired. It is a story of Sophia, told by Sophia and in it she shares the rise of her company- that started with selling a stolen book on eBay and seven years later it has turned into a $100 million plus enterprise and retailer with more than 350 employees.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am not the most fashionable person that has graced this fair planet of ours but that’s not why I read this book. This is not a book to follow her success. This is not a book on ‘how to break into the fashion industry’ and it is not a book on how to make a quick buck or even a step-by-step guide to find success in one of the biggest industries in the world.

Instead it is written by a woman who has been successful and it lets the reader into her view of the world and how to make the most of their short life on this planet. It is filled with brazen wake-up calls ( ‘You are not a special snowflake’), frank observations (‘Failure is your invention’) and offers the inspiration to turn it around, getting your shit into line and making something out of the limited time that we have.

This book was everything 9well most things) that I needed to here and here’s a few of the pearls of wisdom it has offered to me:

1. Chapter 5: Money Looks Better in the bank than on your feet.

This is exactly what I needed to read. I have long been a little worried about my finical situation. I get paid a decent salary, do not pay rent, bills or commute to work…than why the actual hell am I in the minus figures in my bank account and with virtually no savings. Brutal. But honest. I have long been looking for a wake up call and this was it. I think that the beauty of this book is that I agree with every little thing that is written in it. Every detail. I honestly think that Sophia and I would get on extremely well! She has kicked my ass into getting my accounts sorted and I will forever be grateful. I’ve even made a f#*king spread sheet. Holy cow who would have thought they would have seen the day!

2. ‘Life is short. Don’t be lazy’.

This could mean any number of different things to every single one of us. To be I am taking it literally. Get of the couch (or bed) Blunt and get to the gym. Brutal. But Honest.

3. “Just be your own idol”

Too often I sit around and think ‘Now what would Beyoncé do in this situation? I am not Beyoncé (Brutal. But honest) and I need to start thinking: Now what should I do? I need to learn that I am pretty amazing and there is no shame in thinking that. I kick butt in many different aspects of my life and yes there are things that I can improve upon but I know that I will and right now, in this present time, I have to give myself a little more credit. In fact I think everyone should do that a little more.

4. “You don’t get what you don’t ask for”

I am not always the most proactive person in the world. Sometimes I buy into the Hollywood fairy tale a little too much and expect the perfect life to land at my feet. I think there is a lot of us that needs to start knocking on some doors and being proactive with our lives. You want to go on a date with that hot guy? Well go ahead and ask him. You think you do a great job and deserve to be paid more? Well if you think you have proved yourself ask for it. You want to network? Get yo bad-self on LinkedIn. It ain’t that hard folks. Sometimes you may be told NO. Then you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back on with life.

5. “Dream big all you want, but know that the first step toward those dreams is probably going to be a small one”

Like I confessed above I am a dreamer and I dream big but I’m also a complete believer that achieving your dreams doesn’t just happen. They don’t land at your feet whilst you are reclining watching your twelfth episode of Gossip Girl on Netflix. It takes hard f”ing work to get stuff achieved. Daily hard work. Your dreams should consume everything that you do and I must also confess that sometimes I get completely overwhelmed by the sheer number of dreams that I have. Some I know will never be achieved…going into Space is probably one of them…but some I know that I have a decent shot of achieving. I just need to get started and how does one start on the road of gaining all they have ever dreamed of? Well with one single step. Your dreams are out there for you to grab with both hands but they need to be broken down into a series of manageable mini steps that are achievable. You build on that achievement with your next step and so on and so forth. I have made a list of a couple of starting points and I bloody can’t wait to get started.

And last but not least…

6.  “Bad bitches are taking over the world.”

And I intend on being one of them!


Sophia Amoruso I simply adore you.

May you bring out another book.

May you continue to succeed.

You are a badass bitch.


You are killing it.

And please for the love of God may all young girls, teenage girls and women remember that


So lets stop trying to bring everyone down who is succeeding around us.

Women have enough of a hard time as it is.



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