Blunt’s Weekend Kitchen: Tomato tart

It has taken far too long for me to actually get around to cooking some proper grub for myself- let alone to make the time to photograph and pop up a blog post to share it with you guys and gals!

But then I realised there is ALWAYS time to make my Tomato tart as it is so darn quick to make!

This was inspired from The Londoner’s Tommy Tart recipe. I have made quite a few tweaks to it…not that her recipe needs it at all but I made the tweaks due to what I already had in my refrigerator, the changes worked and and I haven’t looked back!

To make this feast of cheese, pastry and tomatoes for yourself you will need:


*Ready made puff pastry.

*Tomatoes (I like to use a mix of colour and sizes. I like to use up what I have already when I am cooking and I found a pack of Waitrose Heirloom Cherry tomatoes so I used those!)

*Mozzarella. Secret Blunt tip: Go for Mozzarella that is designed to use as pizza toppings. I have found that it is less watery than ‘regular’ mozzarella so keeps the base crispy and it becomes super oozy and olden when cooked)

*Pesto (If you are a fellow vegetarian make sure that your pesto is vegetarian friendly! ALOT of them are not!)

*Fresh basil

*Balsamic vinegar (I use balsamic glaze)



*Olive oil

1. Pre-heat your oven to  220C/420F.

2. Get your ready-made puff pastry out of the fridge as it cooks a lot more evenly when it is at room temperature.

PS. Stop being a Fancy Nancy and making your own puff pastry. This recipe is all about keeping life easy and breezy.

3. Stop and stare at just how beautiful your tomatoes are. I love these Waitrose offerings to the tomato kingdom. Then slice them up good and proper.


4. Lay your pastry onto baking paper onto a baking tray. I use the reusable baking paper from Jon Lewis. It is amazing. Nothing has ever got stuck and it is quick and easy to use. Miles better than the actual paper stuff.

5. Chop up some chunks of your mozzarella and sprinkle them over your pastry. Don’ make it look neat and even it all melts into a gorgeous cheesy mound.

6. Sprinkle your chopped tomatoes and fresh basil on top of the cheese.

7. Whack out the pesto and dollop some of that on too.



God I love pesto!

8. Now it is time for the balsamic glaze. Be generous!

9. Final touch: some salt and pepps to your taste.


It should look a little like this by the end.

10. Now get hat bad boy in the oven for around 17-20 minutes. I left mine in for 17 and it was gorgeously golden and crisp.

11. Once golden serve it with a salad and watch as your guests/family devour it and demand for seconds.

7 8

It really is that easy and quick and looks like you have spent hours slaving away!

Let me know if you give it ago. What will you be cooking his weekend?



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