March favourites

Bloody hell, is it really time to write this already?

March has zoomed past and I could not be more pleased that both the mornings are gradually becoming lighter and the outside temperature is close to bearable. I have been using a lot of the same products that I started out 2015 using but there are a few new and super old favourites that have snuck back into my daily essentials this month.

Hair and Skin Care 

1.  Una Brennan Superfacialist Vitamin C+ Skin Renew Cleansing Oil £10.99 


I have been looking for a good drugstore cleansing oil/balm for a long time now. I’ve tried the camomile balm and oil from The Body Shop and hated them both, it’s like washing your face with tea. One afternoon I found myself in the cleansing aisle in Boots and I think that I looked at every balm/oil option that was on offer and this Una Brennan one was the best by a long shot on first impressions. I have heard a lot of good things about this brand and after using this oil I have been back to buy more of her skin care products. I use this as the first step in my double cleanse routine in the evening to take off my make-up. By using this it means that I don’t have to use any other type of make up remover which is a good thing as I loathe make-up remover. Massaging this into my skin dissolves all make-up in seconds and wiping it off with a muslin cloth leaves not oily residue ont he skin at all! I also like that this is in an oil formula so you don’t stick your grubby mitts into the product before you use it like you do with a balm. Is the search over? I think it might just be.
2. Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm £19 for 75ml


A couple of weeks ago I shut my finger in a car door so hard that I shouted various obscene words so loud that people ran in the opposite directon. The painful throbbing lasted a week and then I lost all feeling in my finger for a fortnight. The nail is completely black (I won’t share the pictures with you) and if I am honest i’m surprised that it hasn’t fallen off. The only reason I think that it is still intact is that I have been using this hand balm morning and night which is keeping the nail nourished. A miracle worker! I have this in the handbag friendly 75ml size.

3. Fresh Sugar Lip Polish $22.50



The cold weather absolutely destroys my lips making them cracked, flaky and unkissable! In an effort to sort them out I dug out this lip polish from my beauty stash and began to use it each morning as an extra step in my morning skin care routine. A month later and they are not back to normal…instead they are a million times better than they originally were. So smooth, plump and not a flakey patch insight. Lipstick and gloss is lasting longer which is such an added bonus! I will be picking up more when I am in America this Summer.

 1. Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 03 Strawberry Kissed $13


When I think back over all the make-up products that I have used this month this one stands out the most. With the warmer days I have been tending to pick lighter (see below) and brighter lip colours. When I want to wear a product that I can rely on: one that won’t budge, won’t fade, and the colour stays true, then I pick this one. It is perfect for work because as a teacher I talk a lot and this does not fade AT ALL throughout the day. When I head to America this Summer I will be picking up a few other colours in this formula-although I don’t think that their colour range is hugely impressive. This is packed full of avocado oil and is definitely full coverage and full of pigment. I would recommend using it with a lip pencil first as it has bled a couple of times. You also have to work quite quickly as the creamy formula sets within a minute.

 2. Nars: Satin Lip Pencil in Descenso


This is the product that I reached for the most this month without fail!  You can see it in action in this recent make up look that I posted a few days ago. Unfortunately it is limited edition and no longer available to buy online. I normally hate to blog about items that you can no longer get your paws on but I had to include this item as I just love it so god darn much. If you are looking for something similar from Nars than I would recommend the shade Rikugien which is more of a rose-pink rather than the tea rose of Descanso, but is quality is just as wonderful and the finish is identical. The Nars lip pencils are written about a lot in beauty blogger world but I believe that they deserve to be. They are so easy to use (think lip pencil and lipstick moulded into one) last a decent amount of time on the lip (the matte formula lasts longer but is more drying) and are so comfortable to wear that you don’t even realise it is still on!


 3. Revlon: PhotoReady Skinlights Face Illuminator in Pink £11.99


This is the product that just keeps on going. I have had this now for well over a year and i’m not even close to using it all up. You all know that I an avid user of Charlotte Tilbury’s Filmstar Bronze and Glow and whilst I love the highlighter that is part of that duo it is hard to make it work when you are having a no make-up make up kind of day. My skin has been pretty shitty this month (purely hormonal) and I have been easing off wearing huge amounts of make-up to try to allow it to repair itself. On these days I have been picking up this Revlon illuminator. I tap this onto the bridge of my nose, cheekbones, cupids bow and eyebrow bone before applying a BB cream. Wearing it in this way gives you a subtle, lit from within glow. You can intensify this by applying it over the top of you BB cream/foundation, however I hardly ever use it for this. I also haven’t tried this mixed in with my foundation as it is quite sparkly but I have just added it to my to-do list.

Non Beauty

1. Topshop Earings


I must confess I am not the biggest Topshop clothes wearer, I like them but I look bit daft when wearing them. However, I do frequently look at their jewelery collections as they are all super affordable, on trend and perfect for someone who constantly is losing one earing or snapping a necklace! I am a huge fan of their earings in particular and the pair in the picture above have been in my ears for pretty much 3 months in a row! I can’t find them on their website, so I guess that they must have stopped selling them. Instead I have put below the three pairs that I can’t wait to get my hands on!

PicMonkey Collage

2. Jo Malone: Wood Sage and Sea Salt £40


I have always grown up by the sea and now that I live in London I miss it everyday. However, with a few spritzes of this Jo Malone bad boy it is like I am transported back! It is the most unusual scent but I am addicted to it. The mineral sea salt scent paired with the earthy sage is an absolute winner. I always get two 30ml Jo Malone colognes for Christmas from my mum and I am already half way through this one. I can see myself wearing this more and more as the weather gets nicer. With a few sprays of this with some sea salty messy hair on the beach in the summer I will be one step closer to becoming a mermaid…almost.

 3. Organisation

I am sure that many of you may have noticed the recent increase of activity on this blog. Now that I am away from work for a good couple of weeks I have got my head back into the blogging game. It is something that I love to do and I am going to give my best effort to continue with it when I return back to work. I have spent the past week getting my organisation for the blog together so that I have posts planned for the next few months, some wicked ideas coming up and a revamped checklist that is making the whole process of writing a blog post super quick. I will be going into more detail of all the ‘equipment’ that I use to stay blog organised in the next couple of months. So watch this space friends.

So there you have it…my March favourites. Please leave a comment telling me what you have been loving this month as I love to read all of your recommendations.

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5 thoughts on “March favourites

  1. I’m loving oil cleansing at the moment too, I’m using coconut oil at the moment and it’s just so much easier!

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