Review: Kiko Smart Eye Pencils 


The beauty blogging world seems to have exploded with love for Kiko recently and I thought that I would swing into the Reading branch and see what all the hype was about. I wasn’t hugely impressed with the store-a little garish, weird smell and odd layout of products but I was impressed by the price tags of the products.

I have been on the hunt for some different coloured eyeliners recently so I picked up two of their Smart Eye Pencils in 802: Dark Amethyst, a bronzy brown shade and 811: Mimetic Green, a metallic forest green. They both have a shimmer that runs through the colour so I knew that they may not have the best colour payoff when worn on the waterline. However, the website does say that this can be used on the inner and outer eye so I would expect it to live up to these claims! I thought that they would be extremely pretty smudged into the upper lash line as they blended so easily when swatched  on the back of my hand.

Unfortunately this is where the good points end. I have tried these in every way that you can try an eyeliner: waterline, tight lined, lash line-upper and lower, and it sucks at all of them. It does not show up at all on the waterline at all and the hard nib drags across the lash line so much that it becomes sore and just looks like a hot mess. Whilst the colours are pretty (and comparable to the Urban Decay 24/7 colour range) I have found these to be completely unwearable and they won’t even find a place in my make up stash because they are headed straight for the bin. I don’t like to waste my money and even though £5 isn’t the biggest amount for two products I am so upset to have to throw them away and have tried to make them work so many times but they are just impossible to use. Maybe you just can’t buy a good eyeliner for £2.50 

I’m sorry Kiko I won’t be returning for a while. My first impression of the brand has unfortunately not been great at all. It seems that there has been a lot of hype and in reality the products that I have tried so far haven’t lived up to it at all.

Do you have any Kiko recommendations that you think may change my mind?


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