I’m Sophie and I have an overwhelming need to write things down and a crippling fear of forgetting the things that i have seen, felt, heard or thought. This is where I record all of that.


I have the attention span of a mosquito.  I can never focus on just one thing at a time and my poor little brain is always trying to keep up. I like to blog about a whole bunch of different things…from travel, recipes, beauty & fashion, things that I have experienced, the worlds struggle for equality…a little bit of everything.


I’m a twenty something teacher at an all girls boarding school that is just 20 minutes outside of London. I am inspired by the young girls that I teach. I see kids meeting in classrooms debating about our world and their communities. They are the future. I try to push them with their ideas and encourage them to get out there in the world and to see things that will inspire them, scare them and encourage them to keep going and to keep trying to make our world a better place.


I love to travel, watch movies, read books and spend time with my family and friends. I’m always planning my next adventure and day dreaming about far away places. I tend to not be very serious, unless it is something that matters. I laugh and cry easily. I have seen some exciting things, some great things, some amazing things and some completely soul-destroying horrifying things and I can’t wait to share them all with you… I hope that you like to read about them.



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