1. Backpack around Europe
  2. Stand on the great wall of China
  3. Skydive
  4. Sponsor a polar bear
  5. Meet a polar bear in the wild
  6. Travel down the Nile
  7. Sail around Greece
  8. See a musical on Broadway
  9. Jump off a high cliff into the ocean
  10. Ride a jet ski
  11. Go on a hot air balloon ride
  12. Visit an Art Gallery in every continent
  13. Work abroad
  14. Go on a cruise
  15. Take yoga classeS
  16. Ride a camel
  17. Snorkel
  18. Milk a cow
  19. Go to a fortune-teller
  20. Rescue a dog
  21. Bungee Jump
  22. Go on safari
  23. Go into space
  24. Spend a night sleeping under the stars
  25. Drive across America
  26. Go to the Grand Canyon
  27. See a double rainbow
  28. See the Northern Lights
  29. Live on an island for at least a month
  30. Visit Cuba and smoke a cigar
  31. Catch something and eat it
  32. Rio carnival
  33. Climb a mountain and scream at the top of my lungs
  34. Win and yell Bingo in a bingo hall
  35. Gamble in Vegas
  36. Spend a week in a mediation retreat
  37. Watch the sunrise
  38. Watch the sunset
  39. Plant a tree
  40. Fast for 2 days
  41. Get something named after me
  42. Marry someone at nighttime
  43. Chop down a tree with an axe
  44. Send a message in a bottle
  45. Live in the jungle
  46. Pay for a complete strangers shopping
  47. Get soaked by a waterfall
  48. Visit the Amazon
  49. Travel around the world in 80 days
  50. Go up to a total stranger and kiss them
  51. Learn to ride a horse
  52. Live in London, New York, & Paris
  53. Start my own charity
  54. Learn to play the guitar
  55. Help deliver a baby
  56. Go dog sledding
  57. Send my parents on holiday
  58. Go wing walking
  59. Experience zero gravity
  60. Slap someone
  61. Drive a tuk-tuk
  62. Drink a Singapore Sling in Singapore
  63. Go to Tibet
  64. Visit Bali
  65. Adopt a child
  66. To go skiing but not ski
  67. Sleep in a haunted house
  68. Take a stranger out for dinner
  69. Go on a blind date
  70. Spend a week in silence
  71. Go to a karaoke bar in Japan
  72. Read top 1000 books
  73. Get a tattoo
  74. Help someone build a house
  75. Go paragliding over something magnificent
  76. Protest for something I deeply believe in
  77. Throw a surprise party
  78. Write a Book


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